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Designer Leena Salmio
Designer Leena Salmio


I founded Omppu Design year 2006. People knew me as "Leena who makes jewellery and mugs"- person and at the point that I got orders from business customers, it was time to put company up wild and running.

Who am I and where do I come from; I was born on St. Lucy's day in Helsinki, year 1975. It was cold and freezing at the time, as it has been during past winters.

I studied in Häme Polytechnic, unit of Wetterhoff. During the years in Hämeenlinna I visited in Gray's School of Art in Scotland, Aberdeen. It was the best time of the studies. I can warmly recommend student exchange. It widens your sight, grows you mentally and puts the world in totally new perspective. And of course you get new friends all over the world!

I graduated year 2000 as a product designer, specializing to ceramics. My biggest project was a business gift to Eilakaisla toimialapalvelu. I really learned a lot; how to design and make a product from a to z.

The goal is to grow number of Omppu Design's happy customers yearly.
I hope that as many as possible will find Omppu Design's handmade products as their own!

Fruitful year 2013,
Leena Salmio